The Gomez Brothers Stud had its beginning in the early 90s, we have always been two big fans of horses so we decided to start this difficult journey acquiring some horses and mares of different “Pure Spanish” irons, after several years of work and lots of effort, the number of copies has increased and we have been selecting only those specimens that from our point of view had the best conditions for breeding, discarding those that were not good enough to be part of our stud. As a result we don’t have now many copies, but we do have quality enough to fully satisfy us as fans of this world of horses.

We also have to say that we have been very lucky to find a good professional team that currently work with us on all tasks and labors of the stud, we want to thank the team for the dedication they have each and every one of them to our horses, in each and every one of the different tasks involved in breeding and care of all copies.

And as the end of our presentation we can only thank you for visiting this site, hoping that you had a good time with us in our house.


Francisco Gómez

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